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Who here reading this has ever skipped into a salon with multiple photos of how you want to come out looking, only to find they’ve not listened, not taken into account your hair type or messed up your hair so much it takes years going back to normal? I’ve been there many a time. So much so I’d started to lose hope in finding a hairdresser who could actually do what I wanted. I’ve been to places which have given me bleach blonde hair when I asked to go darker, had streaky highlights when I’ve asked for subtle balayage, had 4 inches chopped off when I’d asked for 2 and been charged £160 for a service I wasn’t happy with… you get the picture.

It’s fair to say that when I was contacted by Melissa Timperley Salons to come in for a cut and colour and review the salon experience, I was both excited and apprehensive. Here’s what I thought of Manchester’s five star rated salon.


After booking in, I scheduled a patch test and colour consultation and all that initial apprehension slipped away. My stylist Johanna, with her uber cool French accent and superior knowledge of hair, immediately made me fell at ease by discussing the various options available to achieve the hair of my dreams.

Let me give you an idea of what my hair was like before I visited. I’ve had highlights, balayage and full head colour services in the past, but the current state of my hair was a shelf of yellow bleach on the ends and my natural colour at the roots. I hadn’t had it coloured in 8 months and it showed.

The desired look I was hoping to achieve was an all over darker, cooler and more ashy tone. I quite like my natural colour and wanted this to effortlessly blend with my highlights, whilst removing the yellow ends and breaking up the colour a little.

Johanna therefore recommended balayage. She took a lock of my hair at the consultation so she could test out how my hair would take to the colour, something I have never experienced in other salons before, but thought was such a clever idea. The cut was discussed and she advised I probably needed about two inches off to make my hair look and feel healthier and stronger. Patch test complete and it was just a weeks wait to the actual appointment.

The Salon

Melissa Timperly’s salon is located in my favourite area of Manchester, The Northern Quarter. Known for it’s vibrant street art, independent bars, fashion bloggers on every corner and probably the best coffee you’ll ever have in your life, the NQ is as cool as it gets. The salon itself is super stylish. Spread over two floors, with a gorgeous reception area and a fab photo wall, its a place where you”ll immediately feel like you’re in good hands.


The day arrived and I couldn’t have been more excited. I entered the salon and was warmly greeted by the lovely Johanna, my coat taken and a coffee offered.

I was shown to the upstairs area in the salon which is equally as lovely as the ground floor. We discussed if my hair goals had changed, which they hadn’t, I just wanted to confirm that we were definitely going to get rid of the yellow for good!

My stylist mixed up three colours in total, one light an creamy, one very similar to my natural colour and one a little darker. She effortlessly mixed between the traditional highlighting technique and blending the colours with her hands. I really liked the fact they use paper instead of foil when colouring hair. It’s more sustainable as they’re reusable and compostable unlike the usual foils.

Colour on and it was time for another coffee and a little wait whilst the magic happened. I was regularly asked if I needed a drink if it looked empty , all of which were complimentary.

Over at the washing station, the super comfy chairs keep your legs raised and the ergonomic basins don’t give you the dreaded neck ache so commonly experienced at other salons. Johanna applied a toner and explained I could return for a toner in between colour appointments to keep the tones fresh and cool. A fabulous head massage was enjoyed and a luxurious deep conditioning treatment too.

Time for the cut. I explained I like it quite blunt, not shaped around my face and long layers. Johanna did everything perfectly and blow dried it just how I like it and how I can never fully recreate at home… what do they do in salons to keep it that way!


The colour was just perfect and everything I had asked for. My natural colour was blended with the new ashy tones and I no longer had a shelf of yellow on my strands. The ends felt so chunky and it was very swishable, just made up a word there but going with it.

I was so incredibly happy with the results and the whole salon experience, it was four hours very well spent and so worth it.

I shall definitely be returning for a toner top up and can’t wait for my next appointment in a few months!

How to Book

Fancy going yourself? Simply head to the Melissa Timperly website and book online or call 0161 834 5945.

Make sure to mention THESTYLEPARCEL for a free deep conditioning treatment during your experience!

Have you visited Melissa Timperley’s Salon? What’s the best salon experience you have had?

*Gifted experience in return for a review (my stylist enjoyed a well deserved tip though!).



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