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I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, ‘I’ve always felt uncomfortable with my lips.’ It’s something I only really started to worry about five years ago (strangely when Instagram entered my life) and is a concern I have tried to address many times. From micro-needling, to overdrawing my lip liner, to even going to consultations with aestheticians for lip fillers (albeit I always chickend out) I’ve tried pretty much everything non-surgical to plump the pout.

Having tried plumping glosses in the past, resulting in sticky lips, a painful singing sensation and not much plumping action, I was somewhat put off by these products that claimed to increase the pout. However, when I was approached by Project Lip to try their Lip Plumping Kit, I was excited by the 3 step approach. With minimal, yet uber pretty packaging and incredibly reasonable prices, I was looking forward to trying this one out. The fact that all of their products are made in the UK, 100% cruelty free and vegan, is also a massive bonus in my eyes too.

The kit includes a collagen infused Lip plumping Mask, Lip Scrub and the classic Project Lip Matte Lip Plumping Balm. And so, at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon with a night out pending, I put these sumptuous products to the test.

Step 1 – Lip Scrub

The purpose of the scrub is to exfoliate and invigorate your lips. It comes in a stunning orange shade and, get this, it’s EDIBLE! Yes, this sugar based fruity lip scrub really is good enough to eat. Enriched with sweet orange oil extract, aloe vera and papaya, this scrub works hard to nourish and create soft, supple, kissable lips.

I made sure my lips were clean from any other product and dry. Smoothing on the scrub was lovely. It wasn’t too abrasive, but also felt like it was doing the job of removing dead skin, and boy did it. My lips have never felt so soft. Plus, it was rather enjoyable licking it off. I’ve tried many things to exfoliate my lips, making my own sugar scrubs and also resorting to toothpaste and a toothbrush (sorry lips) but non of these at home recipes have come close to the results of the Project Lip Scrub.

Step 2 – Lip Mask

Next up was the lip mask, a collagen-infused hydrogel mask that delivers hydrating, smoothing and plumping properties. Containing chamomile and aloe vera, this soothing mask deeply nourishes, conditions and hydrates, dry, chapped lips. The point in this product is to help subsequent products applied, absorb faster and work better.

Sure enough after 20 minutes my lips felt even softer than after using the scrub and there was no excess gloopy serum left, like so many other lip masks. I guess the only downside is you cannot simultaneously drink wine, so that was a sober 20 minutes. However, I can let that slide as it’s the perfect amount of time to focus on applying your eye make up before you’re two glasses down.

Step 3 – Matte Lip Plumping Primer

The final step involves the brands signature Matte Lip Plumping Primer. The unique formulation contains a special ingredient that tingles as it naturally increases the fullness of the lips. Now it does tingle, but really it doesn’t hurt and is more than comfortable. It contains natural ingredients that re-hydrate the lips, whilst the active ingredients work with the lips own collagen to enhance and give a plumper more defined shape.

I applied a couple of slicks to my lips and let the magic happen. Within 1 minute, I saw noticeable plumping action taking place and after 5 minutes I was pretty wowed by the results. Slight tingle, nourished lips, no stickiness and the perfect base to apply lipstick. Check out these before and afters to see the results for yourself.

Final Thoughts

I am a massive fan of the lip scrub and see it as the perfect product to keep your pout nourished for days. The Lip Plumping Primer is genuinely the best plumping product I have tried. Perfect to top up and take on night out, plus it goes perfectly with lipstick, unlike gloss options.

If you’re looking for lips like Kylie Jenner, then this product isn’t for you, it gives a subtle yet noticeable plump, however it is much cheaper and less painful than lip fillers and also can be reapplied throughout the day.

Have you tried Project Lip? What are your favourite products?

Post is kindly sponsored by Project Lip, opinions are my own.



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