What to Eat For Breakfast in a Rush

One of my new years resolutions is to get up just that little bit earlier so I can make it to the gym before work. This will be a real tough one, as I literally time my alarm to the second to make sure I don’t get up any earlier than is absolutely necessary, I, like many, love my sleep too much. To date, it has gone ok getting up and heading to the gym early, in fact I’m finding I actually have more energy during the day and am definitely enjoying more time to myself in the evening. However these early morning gym shenanigans are leaving me with one small dilemma, when and what do I eat for breakfast?

We all know the importance of having a solid breakfast to start the morning right and the dangers of not having something to sustain you through the day. So when I came across the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake I was pretty excited!


The Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake is a blend of ground oats, seeds and coconut, a mixture of all my favourite things. It has the same nutritional value as a bowl of oats and seeds but comes already mixed for a quick and easy breakfast. The following points speak for themselves when it comes to how amazing this super blend is:

💚 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
💚 Gluten-free
💚 Soy-free
💚 Sugar free
💚 Only 121 calories per serving
💚 High in fibre

nutribuddy breakfast shake review

All you have to do is shake it with a milk of your choice and you’re good to go. You could even quickly blend it and though with some bananas, strawberries or spinach if you have more than 30 seconds to spare, or treat yourself to a nutritious and colourful smoothie bowl at the weekend when time isn’t usually of the essence. Here’s the concoction that I knocked up in about 5 minutes last Saturday. I mixed the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake with a banana, frozen berries and coconut yogurt and topped with a sprinkling or homemade granola, shredded coconut and sliced strawberries. I can confirm it was delicious! I went for the vanilla flavour but you can choose from strawberry, chocolate brownie (wow!) and a naked flavour.

nutribuddy breakfast shake review

Also, if you haven’t noticed, the packaging is divine. The glass jar is adorable and easily reusable. The shaker is fab too, when you don’t have time to blend it and makes for a really smooth, creamy drink in the morning – no bits!

You can get yours here.


This is my initial review of the Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake, but I’ll keep you all up to date on Instagram, check it out here. Then I’ll let you know how the 14 days went at the end of my supply, I have a feeling it can only be a positive result, stay tuned!

Let me know in the comments or on social if you have tried it, or if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.




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