How I Switched From Moisturisers to Oils

I have oily skin, so when someone said you should use a facial oil, I was like hell no. Why would I add more oil to my already oily skin? Actually, I tell a lie. I have combination skin, which equates to a super oily t-zone and uber dry cheeks, sounds great right? Wrong.


My old routine involved a day moisturiser, applied in the morning before my makeup and sure enough by 11am I could feel the oil building and the foundation sliding off my face. At night I would use a separate moisturiser to the day and would awake to find a lovely greasy moon face to greet me. Did I mention I’m prone to the odd spot (I stupidly thought these stopped past your teen years), so adding an oil to acne didn’t sound like a great combination.


So when I was introduced to a facial oil suitable for use during the day and night, I was a little skeptical, but at this stage was willing to give anything a go. The one I went for was the gloriously smelling, Rejuvenating Facial Elixir by MBotanicals and I was not disappointed. The lightweight oil was easily absorbed by my skin and gave it an immediate glow. The smell is simply stunning, think frankincense, which before bed is a deeply, calming scent to inhale and send you off into a sound sleep. It contains essential amino acid rich, blackseed oil which is activated by anti-inflammatory prickly pear (sounds scary, it’s not) which nourishes and protects skin from free radicals and the general impact life has on your face. It truly is skin perfecting and soon enough (3 weeks) my skin was smoother and more toned. And if I couldn’t rave about it enough, you only need the tiniest amount, in comparison to other serums which don’t go far for the price, this one is well worth the money.

mbotanicals rejuvenating skin elixir

why oil is better then moisturiser


The best part? My oilyness DECREASED. Yep, you heard that right. I applied the oil as instructed morning and night and could not have been happier with the results. During the day my make up stayed put and when I awoke in the morning after the oil had had time to work it’s magic, my skin was dewy and glowy, no grease in sight.

Sold like I am? You can get your own right here. 


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