5 Night Time Beauty Habits

Ever fancy a few more minutes in bed in the morning? Yes. We all do. So what if there were some time saving habits you could start the night before, to wake up with better, brighter and generally more gorgeous skin, hair and nails. Well indeed there are. After all, it isn’t called beauty sleep for nothing.

1.Face Mask


Who doesn’t love lying back with a relaxing face mask on to clear deep down into those pores and reveal a youthful glow – it’s the perfect way to wind down before bed. No one has time for this in the morning, but done the night before, you may even be able to skip foundation the next day. I’m a mega fan of Khiel’s and slowly but surely the brand is replacing nearly every one of my skincare products, so try their Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque, £21.50, for visibly smoother skin.

2. Facial Oils


I have oily/combination skin, so when I was told about facial oils and their benefits, I was a little apprehensive about trying them. However, after using one every night for the past two months I could not recommend them enough. It did not aggravate any breakouts, nor did it make my skin more oily, plus in the morning my skin was so plump, smooth and with an even tone. Once again it was the magic of Khiel’s, using their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £37, it seems a lot but trust me this will last you forever – you literally need a drop.

3. Facial Rolling


Say goodbye to puffy morning face with the new craze that’s come from the Korean beauty market, facial rolling. Hear me out. The mini paint roller-esque device stimulates circulation and is a great tool to work in moisturiser. Use The Body Shop’s version, £6, to work your night time moisturiser in from the centre of your face outwards, for deliciously smooth skin the next day.

4. Hands and Nails


An area often neglected but over worked at all times of the day. Whilst you won’t be using your hands whilst you sleep, why not take care of them for the day ahead? Try Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment, £36, for beautifully moisturised skin and rejuvenated nails, perfect for those of us who love a gel nail, I know I do.



Huh? I hear you say. But what you rest your beautiful head on can really help or hinder your face and hair the next day. You want your perfectly styled hair to last as long as possible don’t you, saving time in the morning and protecting the quality of your hair? Then make sure to update your cotton pillowcases to something a little more luxurious. I noticed a significant decrease in my puffy morning face, a reduction in redness and no creases at all. Head to Lily Silk for 100% silk pillowcase and if you go elsewhere make sure it’s mulberry silk (all natural).

Let me know your night time beauty habits below or share on Facebook or Twitter, I’d love to hear from you.


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