8 Ways to Maintain Blonde Hair


Being blonde, I understand the struggles of maintaining golden tones without it looking brassy, whilst trying to give it great shine even though the ends are frazzled and dry – it’s tough. Dreaming of having luscious blonde locks seems like a pretty unrealistic goal when you don’t have a personal hair dresser on speed dial (Kardashians I’m looking at you) or have an endless pot of money to spend on countless luxury hair products / get gifted them for free (again Kardashians).

Hopefully the following tips will give you the helping hand you need to maintain your blonde hair, coloured or natural, and guide those tresses to the best condition yet.

Don’t shampoo as much

Apparently shampoo can really destroy the colour you’ve worked so hard to achieve, not to mention paid for, so try to shampoo only 2-3 times a week, using dry shampoo sparingly in between washes to keep any greasiness at bay. You can’t beat Batiste Dry Shampoo for quality and price, I love the Tropical Coconut and Exotic version and at only £2.99 you can’t go wrong.

When you do, use a purple one

Hear me out. When you use a toning purple shampoo (also known as silver shampoo) it neautralises those brassy, yellow tones, leaving you with bright blonde hair. Use ProVoke Silver Shampoo once a week to prevent a colour build up.

Holiday hair

Hitting the pool or sea this summer? Chlorine and salt water can be killers for hair condition, leaving you with brittle green tinged hair if it’s colour treated. Try to completely soak hair with clean water before taking a dip as the wet hair won’t soak up as many harmful chemicals or apply a leave in conditioner before a swim such as Palmers Coconut Oil Spray to protect and lock in moisture.

Use a UV spray

Use suncream on your face daily but not on your hair? Then you should. It’s just as important to protect those stands from the sun as it is your face. Try L’Oreal’s Protective Mist with UV Filters during long summer days.

Natural Highlights

If you have blonde hair and want it a little lighter but don’t want to touch colour, then simply mix fresh lemon juice and water together and spritz all over your hair before hitting the sun. The combination should brighten and lighten your hair a little, but make sure you don’t spend too long under the suns harmful rays.

Lay off the heat

Blonde hair is already dry and using heated products everyday won’t help the condition. Try to use your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to minimise damage and always make sure you have applied a protective spray like TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray before styling.

Add shine and protect

Using an oil not only adds shine but also protect hair from breaking. Apply only from the mid lengths to the ends to avoid greasy roots, but keep ends supple. Use L’Oreal Mythic Oil at £12 or splash out and try the amazing Moroccanoil Treatment.

Dye hair sparingly

If you get your hair coloured, try to only add highlights that are only a few shades different to your natural colour rather than one all over colour, as it’s harder to maintain and more noticeable when it fades out. And never allow your hairdresser to apply bleach to your ends. They’re already the weakest part of the hair and applying a harsh bleach will only cause them to split and break off.



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