10 Ways to Stay Healthy on Holiday

Everyone does that pre-holiday ritual two months before a vacation, where you eat kale everyday and work out religiously only to get to your destination and let it all go, returning home bloated and tired. But it doesn’t have to be that way, you can go on holiday and still be healthy whilst eating and drinking in the sun.

Time off is good for you, so why not fuel your body and mind with nutritious food and healthy habits, returning home refreshed and not needing a second holiday to recover.



Travelling by plane can really impact the start of your holiday if you don’t do it right. Make sure you drink plenty of water on the flight, once you’ve landed and during your holiday as flying seriously dehydrates your body. Pack some healthy snacks – almonds, bananas, protein bars and popcorn are all great options. We all know when we’re tired the first thing we want to reach for is the nearest pack of Haribo and some sugar filled chocolate, but try to resist as that immediate sugar rush will be followed by a nasty slump when, you guessed it, you’ll be reaching for another Haribo.


You probably don’t eat more than three meals a day at home so why change on holiday, you can still enjoy lots of yummy foods without over indulging and no that evening buffet is not all you can eat one. However, it is all you can eat when it comes to those fresh green veggies so fill up your plate!


Who are we kidding when we say we aren’t going to drink much on holiday? Of course we are, we are on holiday! But the important thing to remember is alcohol strips your hydration and can make you feel sluggish leading you to eat unhealthily. To keep those empty calories and sugar intake from drinks to a minimum, try not to drink too many sugary cocktails. Hold the sugary syrups and fizzy mixers and go for soda water and vodka.


With eating times all over the place and your increased intake of alcohol you’ll most likely be missing out on some serious nutrients. To avoid this simply pack your usual vitamins in your suitcase to have everyday, keeping your insides in tip top condition. I always take a calcium and magnesium supplement, along with a multivitamin and probiotic and a skin, hair and nails tablet.

5.Catch up on sleep

Holidays can be wild and mixed with time differences, travelling and partying you might be feeling the effects by day three. However, holidays are designed to relax and if that means sleep for you then go ahead! Whether you choose a late night or an early night, a lie in or an early morning to make the most your day, it’s up to you. Just don’t feel guilty, it’s your holiday, you and your body deserves some rejuvenation and you can do with it as you wish.

6. Exercise

Exercise could not be easier on a holiday. Swimming in the pool, hiking cliffs, walking through cities, the hotel’s gym, yoga on the beach or even doing a few squats in your room, there’s really no excuse and you’ll feel so much better for it. You have an amazing chance to not be sat at a desk for a week or two so fully utilise this time by connecting with your body and mind.


Getting a tan and exposing you skin to the sun is a pleasure many of us enjoy on holiday, however getting burnt can seriously ruin your holiday, not to mention the permanent damage you are doing to your skin. Apply your sun cream half an hour before hitting the pool and make sure you reapply after being in any water. Always try to wear factor 50 on your face too, regardless of whether you’r on holiday or not, my favourite is Khiels Ulta Light Daily Defense SPF 50, £35.

8.Do splurge when it’s worth it

Holidays are about taking time out and letting loose, so despite your efforts to stay as healthy as possible you don’t want to miss out on the offerings your visited country has to present. If you’re going to Italy eat a cheesy 16″ pizza followed by 3 scoops of creamy gelato and then a bowl of seafood linguine, washed down with one or two bottles of red wine if you want. The key thing to remember is moderation, of course you can enjoy yourself but just don’t eat the above mentioned foods every night.

9.Don’t set yourself up for a failure

If you tell yourself you’re going on holiday and there is going to be nothing healthy to eat and nowhere you can exercise and you plan to eat pizza three times a day, then that’s fine, it’s your holiday! However, there are always some vegetables you can incorporate into a meal and always a space for you to be active. Whatever is involved and whatever you do or don’t do, just relax and enjoy yourself, in whichever way that means to you.




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