20 Time Saving Beauty Hacks

We all get that Monday morning feeling. Leaving your alarm to snooze until it’s almost too late, meaning you rush through your beauty routine, skip breakfast, with toothpaste down your blouse, all to make that 9AM meeting.

Well no more. You no longer have to choose between beauty and those extra zzz’s. You can now enjoy both with some simple yet effective and most importantly time saving beauty hacks. Some so easy you can literally master in your sleep, bonus.



Just wash your fringe

For those of you with beautiful bangs, but minimal time, try a fringe wash to revive your hair in the morning. Simply pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail, wet your fringe and pop a tiny amount of shampoo and conditioner on before rinsing out over the sink (it’s probably best to do this before your makeup). Dry and style as usual, or for those lucky frizzless folk, let it dry naturally.


If you’re really pushed for time and can’t wash your hair or even dry shampoo, just put a hat on!

Style your hair through the night

Wash your hair and roughly dry it, before working in some texturising cream and plaiting your hair. The next morning, after undoing your braids, you’ll have beautifully natural, boho waves.

Power ponytail

Waking up with long, greasy hair is not ideal and with no time to wash it you need a quick fix. Add some hairspray and comb back into a high ponytail, wrapping a section of hair around the elastic band for added sleekness.

Curl your hair in half the time

It can take 20 minutes to curl your hair in the morning, but it’s probably because your curling too many sections. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail and split the hair in two, curling each side for 30 seconds, shake it out and hairspray. For an extra 19 minutes in bed? Yes please.

Blow dry your hair last

Leaving your hair to dry a little whilst you prep and preen yourself in the morning will mean it takes significantly less time to dry. Seems obvious but we bet some of you don’t do it!

De-tangle in the shower

Instead of trying to comb through what feels like a wet birds nest in the morning, take a wide toothed comb into the shower and comb through whilst your conditioner is working it’s magic, making it a much more pain free, time saving process.



Multitasking products

To save time and money, invest in 2-in-1 products that work. Use a lip tint that doubles up as a cream blush and an eyeliner that you can use as an eyebrow pencil – saves space when you’re travelling too.

Makeup on the go

Finish your foundation base at home with concealer and powder but take your eye make up and bronzer with you on your commute. This is for those lucky one’s that get a seat in the morning and also those with a steady hand.

Classic red lip

If you’re really pushed for time and slept through your alarm, reach for one product: the trusty red lipstick. You can even pop it on in the office lift for instant glamour and to give the impression you didn’t wake up 20 minutes ago.

Organise your makeup 

Save precious time in the morning by sorting your products and brushes into easy to find drawers or pots. Keep your daily essentials separate to your going out make up and organise by use, such as gathering together your primer, foundation, concealer – you get the idea.

BB cream

Not many have time to apply moisturiser, SPF and foundation in the morning, so why not combine them into one great product? BB creams come in all varieties of coverages so you’re covered.

Puffy eyes sorted

Waking up with puffy eyes is a huge inconvenience because who has time to lie there with cucumber slices on their eyes for ten minutes? Instead try a cooling serum such as Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage complete with a nifty rollerball application and antioxidant ingredients to brighten those tired eyes.

Avoid clumpy lashes

Roll your mascara wand once over in a clean tissue before applying to take off the excess product, resulting in beautiful, clump free and fluttery lashes.

Face wipe away

No time for a face wash in the morning but can’t bear putting on your makeup without doing something to freshen up? Then try a cleansing face wipe to control oil and exfoliate at the same time, Olay have a great range.



Cracked heels

Spring is right here, which means sandal wearing is just around the corner and those heels need to be in tip top shape. But who has time to moisturise their face, let alone their feet, in the morning and no one wants to be slipping and sliding around in their shoes. Simply moisture the night before with Vaseline or an intensive balm and pop on some socks, baby soft feet overnight.

Banish dry legs

First time wearing a dress this year but no time to slather on the moisturiser? Then look no further than an exfoliant you can use in the shower packed with moisturising oils for gorgeous glossy pins.

Long term hair removal

Sick of shaving in the morning? Then invest in hair removal that lasts, such as waxing or if you want it gone for good then try electrolysis.

Shower the night before

Sounds obvious but you can shave at this point, saving crucial morning minutes and leave your hair a little damp to ensure those morning waves are on tip-top boho form. Plus after a night of sleep your hair will be more pliable to work with the next morning, win win.

Morning manicure

Everything goes wrong when we’re in a rush, but by adding vaseline to the skin around your nails before you add a layer of nail varnish, will ensure that any mistakes are easy to wipe away.



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