Barre Strength

The Nike Training Club (NTC) app is probably the best app for fitness ever invented. First of all it’s free, secondly it’s just superb.

If you haven’t heard of the app created by Nike, it’s a one stop destination for fitness, featuring over 100 workouts, generated by Nike’s Master Trainers and led by pro athletes.


You can choose a specific program to work with so you can get lean, get strong, or get toned, within a four week period and can also integrate Nike+ Running to reach these goals faster.

The workouts are downloadable so can be done anywhere, up a mountain, down the gym and even in your living room.

The app cleverly measures your hard-earned effort by number of workouts, minutes, average calories using NikeFuel, to keep you motivated.

One of my favourites is Hipwell’s Barre Stength Workout.


The 25-minute training session cultivates the strength and elegance Alex Hipwell requires as a trainer and dancer.


NTC’s first-ever barre-style workout incorporates a series of leg extensions, plié squats, side lunges and planks. The graceful, yet challenging interval session is designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone whilst also providing a cardio workout.


She states, “I’ve found that girls now increasingly want to see results,” Alex explains. “They don’t want to be skinny; they want to be strong, with muscles. They are with me.”

Well I for one am certainly with her.

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