The Perfect Breakfast to Start Your Day

For me, without eating a substantial breakfast, I find it’s much harder to focus and I’m more likely to feel tired, irritable, and impatient. I would probably eat something unhealthy later in the day to fill the void, making me even more sluggish.

Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and replenishes blood-sugar levels so you can focus and be more productive throughout the day.

However, not all of us have time to perfect a colourful smoothie bowl, decorated with chia seeds and posted on Instagram, all before 8AM.

So I have shared some of my favourite quick, yet nutritious and filling breakfast ideas, that will keep you going til lunch.

Morning Glory Breakfast Muffins


Muffins are great for those rushed mornings. They fill you up and require no prep. Bake at the weekend and they’re good to go for the week, they can be frozen too! Find the recipe here from Natural Girl Modern World

Slender Superfood Smoothie


This quick, protein packed, five ingredient smoothie can be taken on the go in the morning, measure out the ingredients the night before to save even more time. You can find the recipe on Protein World

Avocado and Poached Eggs on Toast


This is probably my favourite thing in the entire world and it’s super easy. Mash up your avocado the night before and add a dash of lemon juice, to keep it fresh in the fridge. Check out Martha Stewart‘s recipe.

Yogurt, Berries and Granola


Mix up some natural yogurt with crunchy granola, add your favourite berries, seeds or honey and pop it in the fridge the night before in a box to eat on the way to work. The Taste Food Blog features a scrumptious recipe.

Share your favourite quick and easy breakfast recipes below in the comments.


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