Grounded Coffee Scrub


FullSizeRender 2For the last week I have been trying the most incredible product – the Coconut coffee scrub from Grounded.

The Coconut scrub is a blend of all natural ingredients packed with 200g of skin loving goodness.

It targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, acne, scarring and varicose veins with ground robusta coffee bean powder and it definitely lives up to these claims.


Having suffered with sensitive skin (which seems to flare up and turn bright red at any sort of exfoliation) means I am always nervous to try a new product.

However this scrub, dedicated to those of us with problematic skin, is super gentle and creates absolutely no irritation – something I was incredibly thankful for!

The scrub is full of extra virgin coconut oil which is smooth and hydrating, naturally.

It exfoliates your skin with Himalayan rock salt and brown sugar and moisturises and tones your skin with cold pressed almond oil and vitamin e oil.


My skin felt fully replenished after the scrub and having used it for over a week now, can honestly say the results just keep getting better and better!

Plus it smells delicious and like Grounded say on their website, it’s like Pina Coladas in the sun – bonus!

It doesn’t stop there, they have two other scrubs, the Chocolate Orange one and a fruity Grapefruit one. I am yet to try these but am sure they will be just as sumptuous and satisfying as the Coconut scrub.

I am more than happy with this product, as it actually says what it does on the tin, and it contains only natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals!


All in all, this scrub doesn’t disappoint and I will definitely be looking forward to further great products Grounded release.

You can get yours online at Grounded Body Scrub

Use the hashtag #getgrounded and post a picture of your scrub, for 10% off your next order.


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