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I think that foundation is probably the most important piece of makeup for me in my makeup bag. It really makes or breaks a look if your skin looks as good as it can and give you the confidence too! Therefore I am always on the look out for new foundations that really do what they claim and match my very pale skin tone (without making me look pasty)!

So when a friend, who has the most amazing skin I have ever seen on a human being, suggested I try the foundation she uses, I jumped to the shops to purchase the magic liquid.

I chose Space NK as this was the only place that sold Nars products nearby. The beauty consultant was fantastic and took the time to match the foundation to my face and neck in the natural light next to the window. Unlike many beauty concessions in department stores where the artificial lights and lack of windows can contribute to a false impression of what the colour really looks like, until you get outside and realise you look like the wrapper of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange: not a good look.

The product felt really light when she applied it, which worried me because I felt the coverage may not be as much as I like, which is not cakey but enough to cover the odd spot and uneven skin tone.

However I was pleasantly surprised when she handed me the mirror to see the coverage was perfect, my skin had a dewy, natural glow and the product felt incredibly light on my face.

I purchased it immediately.


(How beautiful is the Space NK packaging?)

As the day went on the foundation stayed put and even though I have combination skin, at no point did my nose or chin look oily, which has been an issue with other foundations. I was a pleasant surprise!

The product promises to actually improve your skin the more you use it as it “contains powerful anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals and turmeric extract to improve skin’s radiance and tone” and “hydrates for softer and smoother skin” (

Having used the foundation for around a month and a half I can confirm it does what it says on the tin and my skin tone has genuinely improved. It is a lot smoother, softer and now have a more even skin tone. It lasts from morning to night without the need to reapply and comes off incredibly easily with makeup remover, without having to scrub your face.

I am incredibly happy I have found this product and can’t thank my friend enough for recommending it!

The shade I use is Deauville (Light 4) and is usually priced at £31. I know, quite expensive but trust me it’s worth it and lasts for such a long time.

I would recommend you going to a Nars counter to get the perfect shade for you but the links below are where you can get yours online: or

You can also get it from the John Lewis website or ASOS which offers 10% off for students, bonus!


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