Triangl Bikini Alternatives

Pretty sure I’m just one of thousands, hundreds of thousands even, who stare endlessly at the gorgeous girls on Instagram, posing on tropical, sandy beaches in their bright and beautiful Triangl bikinis, whilst in ‘sunny’ England, I sit on public transport, dreaming of such things.

To get to the point, I would love a Triangl bikini to take on holiday this year, however I simply don’t have £60 (rough exchange from USD to GBP) for a single bikini, plus maybe another £30 for customs and postage charges, despite how amazing these things are.

Therefore I have found a few cheaper alternatives, that I love and doubt many people would be able to tell the difference between the real thing!

Here’s the real deal, the original Triangl bikinis that cost $89 (£60)


You can get them here:

Victoria’s Secret do some great versions for half the price in USD or roughly £50 from the UK stores.



*PAUSE* To appreciate Candice and Behati…*SIGH* and move on

You can get them here:

ASOS have some pretty similar ones too, with prices that range from up to £15 for the bikini top and up to £9 for the bottoms, so a maximum of £24, PLUS 10% student discount (if you’re a student obviously) an absolute steal, they also ship to pretty much every country in the world, bonus.





You can grab these here:

Finally, if you shop on eBay, type in ‘Contrast Neoprene Bikini,’ hundreds of results will come up, with versions of Triangl bikinis ranging from £2.99 to £12.99. However, not all sellers are UK based and having not seen any of these products, I am not sure what the quality is like, but definitely worth a try!

Comment below if you have found any alternatives, I’d love to hear them!



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